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Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has quickly made its way through various industries and businesses. New technological developments have changed the way many processes are completed, and when it comes to AI, the possibilities seem endless. AI technology uses data and advanced algorithms to think, calculate, analyze, and predict information systematically. The idea is to mimic that of a human brain (with a little extra brainpower). In the energy industry, artificial intelligence plays three primary roles:

Weather Forecasting 

Weather forecasting isn’t only a large part of meteorology. In the energy industry, weather forecasting is essential. AI algorithms use industry data to make accurate weather forecasts that will impact renewable energy sources like solar or wind power. Because these power sources are highly based on the weather, they tend to fluctuate, making it more difficult to balance supply and demand. Tech companies use data mining to pool data from the industry with weather forecasts to make accurate predictions. 

Energy Efficiency 

Aside from using AI for weather forecasting, companies like Google have acquired AI applications like Deepmind, to improve the use of energy. After Google’s acquisition of Deepmind, the AI application reported a 40% reduction in the amount of energy it took to cool Google’s data centers. Deepmind’s AI technology was used to train a system of neural networks in the data centers. The neural network then learned the function of the data center and started to identify areas for improvement and optimization. 

Home Energy Savings 

For accessibility purposes, AI is used to model potential savings costs on utilities using energy industry data, mainly in the smart home sector. For example, energy-conscious homeowners can use AI applications to assist with energy management within their homes. Homeowners can see collected data recording how much energy their home appliances use, thus assisting in monitoring monthly utility costs. 

The future of artificial intelligence in the energy industry is likely going to increase as businesses and homeowners seek the ability to make more accurate predictions and save on energy costs.